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How to Reduce the Skin Irritation of Surfactants?

Apr. 19, 2021

Surfactant Suppliers share with you how to reduce the skin irritation of surfactants, and hope it will be helpful to you

In the wash formulation, simply put, it is to reduce the permeability of surfactants to skin and reduce the effect of surface activity on skin proteins and lipids without sacrificing foaming performance and without much increase in formulation cost.

Anionic Surfactants

Anionic Surfactants

The combination of Anionic Surfactants with amphoteric surfactants can reduce surface active CMC, reduce surface active micelle charge density, and increase micelle size, thereby reducing surfactant skin permeability. Alternatively, the addition of hydrophobic modified polymers to increase micelle size and thereby reduce surfactant permeability can increase formulation mildness without sacrificing formulation foaming performance. Glycerol is inhibitory to surfactant penetration, but the amount added is critical, and some studies have shown that 10% glycerol in the formulation only prevents the glycerol from being washed away from the skin interior.

As for reducing the effect of surfactants on lipids, in addition to the choice of primary surfactant, Unilever has found that there is an optimal value for the ratio of anionic to amphoteric surfactant compounding. In addition, Unilever has found that long-chain fatty acids are most easily washed away in the skin, so the addition of stearic acid to the formulation is very helpful for skin gentleness. What about adding other oils, especially vegetable oils that feel good on the skin? Theoretically, vegetable oils and fats can also reduce surfactant-protein interaction, but adding oils and fats directly to the formulation can greatly affect formulation stability and lathering, and the efficiency of oil and fat skin deposition is low.

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