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Anionic Surfactant

Anionic surfactants are a type of surface-active agents that contain negatively charged functional groups in the head of the molecule. Such functional groups include sulfonate, phosphate, sulfate and carboxylates. These are the most common surfactants we use. For example, soap contains alkyl carboxylates.

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1.Anionic surfactants mainly appear as translucent viscous liquids, white needles, white powders and other forms. 
2.It has good decontamination, foaming, dispersion, emulsification, wetting and other properties.
3.It is widely used as detergent, foaming agent, wetting agent, emulsifier and dispersant. 
4.The output occupies the first place in surfactants. 
5.Can not be used together with cationic surfactants, it will cause precipitation in aqueous solution and lose its effectiveness.

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