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Identification and Selection of Surfactants

Apr. 06, 2021

Active ingredients refer to the most important chemical substances in the formula; they meet the main requirements of the product and define the function of the product itself. Surfactant is one of the key ingredients and plays a vital role in detergent formulations. Detergents are usually a mixture of different types of surfactants, which can clean the skin to the maximum while maintaining a gentle effect on the skin.

Non-Ionic Surfactants

Non-Ionic Surfactants

Generally speaking, laundry detergents use a mixture of anionic and nonionic surfactants in their formulations to ensure satisfactory product performance. In this work, a binary mixture of anionic and nonionic surfactants is used.

Anionic Surfactants have excellent cleaning performance and are relatively cheap at the same time. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a widely used anionic surfactant. When the temperature is 25℃, the critical micelle concentration is 8.2 × 10−3 M. By mixing the surfactant with the nonionic surfactant simulated in the study, the CMC of the mixture can be lower than that of the anionic surfactant. CMC.

Non-ionic surfactants are largely unaffected by polyvalent ions in water. Compared with other surfactants, they have relatively mild reactions to dyes, fabrics and skin. Therefore, they are often used in combination with anionic surfactants.

The design of Non-Ionic Surfactants will use computer modeling, group contribution methods and mathematical optimization. The generated nonionic surfactant is mixed with the anionic surfactant to form a mixed surfactant system. Four types of nonionic surfactants were selected as models-linear alcohol ethoxylation, branched alcohol ethoxylation, ethoxylated amide and sugar derivative ethoxylation.

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