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What is Calcium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate?

Apr. 02, 2020

Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate is also called Pesticide Emulsifier 500 #. It is mainly used in the formulation of mixed pesticide emulsifiers, used in pesticide emulsifiers, and also used in textile oils, tile cleaners, and abrasive oils. Cement dispersant, etc. The molecular sieve dewaxed oil reacts with chlorine to form chloroalkane, which is then condensed with benzene to dodecylbenzene. The alkylbenzene is sulfonated with fuming sulfuric acid to obtain dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid and then neutralized with lime to obtain ten. Calcium dialkylbenzenesulfonate.

The preparation process of Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate includes three steps: benzene alkylation, alkylation product sulfonation, and neutralization.

Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate

Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate

432 kg of benzene was put into the reaction kettle, and 1.06 kg of aluminum trichloride and 168 kg of dodecene were added under stirring. Dodecene was added dropwise. After the dropwise addition was completed, the temperature was raised to 60 to 70°C, and the reaction was held for 1.6 hours to perform a condensation reaction. After the reaction is completed, the mud feet are removed and neutralized. Then debenzene. After the benzene is decompressed, the pressure is reduced to 9.8 kPa for distillation, and the fraction with a refractive index of 1.478 to 1.495 is cut to obtain arginylbenzene. Put the benzylbenzene into the sulfonation kettle, and add fuming sulfuric acid dropwise at about 20°C. After the addition, the reaction was carried out at 25-30°C for 1 hour. After sulfonation, add fuming sulfuric acid dropwise at about 50°C. After the addition, the reaction was carried out at 25-30°C for 1 hour. After sulfonation, add water and let stand for 6h at about 50°C to separate the waste acid. Finally, it is neutralized with ethanol solution of lime water until the pH value is 7-8. The neutralization solution is removed by a plate and frame filter, and the filtrate is concentrated, and the ethanol is distilled off. The high boiling point is the product. It can be obtained by performing alkylation reaction of tetrapolypropylene with benzene to dodecylbenzene, then sulfonating and neutralizing with slaked lime.

Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate is used as a cleansing and dispersing agent in diesel, engine oil, pressurized diesel, and engine oil. Calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is the main component of a mixed emulsifier formulated with pesticide emulsions such as organic chlorine, organic phosphorus, and herbicides. Used as Anionic Surfactant, also used as pesticide emulsifier. Mixed with non-ionic surfactants to prepare mixed pesticide emulsifiers. It is widely used to formulate organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticide emulsifiers. Calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is toxic and irritating to the skin. Used in dye, paint, textile, printing and dyeing industries.

Properties of calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate:

1. This product is yellow to brownish yellow transparent viscous liquid.

2. It can be dissolved in methanol, toluene, xylene and other organic solvents.

3. This product is used as a lipophilic surfactant in pesticide emulsifiers.

4. It can be compounded with a variety of non-ionic surfactants into a mixed pesticide emulsifier.

Packaging and transportation: This product is non-flammable and non-toxic. It can be handled as general chemical transportation, and it should be handled lightly during transportation to avoid collision. This product is packed in 200KG iron drum. The quality guarantee period of calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is one year. Store in a dry, ventilated place.

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