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Properties and Benefits of Polycarboxylate Water Reducing Agent

Sep. 15, 2021

Polycarboxylate water reducing agent has become the most important product in the current concrete admixture market because of its outstanding advantages such as high water reduction rate, good adaptability with cement and good slump protection performance.

Polycarboxylate is a surfactant, and its unique molecular structure makes it have many unique advantages, such as low dosage, high water reduction rate, significant early strength growth, satisfactory slump maintenance, no retardation, and low impact on concrete shrinkage. With the development of the economy, the diversification of infrastructure projects has put forward higher requirements for the performance of polycarboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent. SANCOLO shares with you.

Polycarboxylate for cement

Environmental Exposure

Other applications of low molecular weight polycarboxylates are highly unlikely to result in surface water discharge or polymer release into the aqueous environment. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider only polycarboxylates used in consumer cleaning products.The most likely environmental exposure pathway is due to the use of laundry detergents. The use of other cleaning products can also result in releases to waste disposal systems.  The release of polycarboxylates from pigment slurries to surface water is unlikely because the polycarboxylates are tightly bound to the pigments. If released through a water treatment application, it would be site-specific, but may include direct discharge to natural waters as well as discharge to a treatment facility.


Hypochlorite can cause degradation of some polycarboxylates, depending on how they are prepared.This degradation appears to be significant only under extreme conditions not found in typical applications and follows a chain-break mechanism that only partially breaks down the polymer. Therefore, the environmental impact of the degradation products should be very similar to that of the starting polymers.


Polycarboxylates do not adversely affect the operation of wastewater treatment plants (sludge settling, treatment capacity, sludge dewatering, etc.). The key to the environmental fate of polycarboxylates is their physicochemical removal from the waste stream after the use of detergents and other cleaning agents containing polycarboxylates. Since detergents are primarily discharged to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, it is necessary to focus on removal that occurs at or before the treatment plant.


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