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The Development Direction of Surfactants

Feb. 22, 2021

My country's Surfactant Industry has generally established a relatively complete R&D and production system. In the face of the continuous and rapid development of the national economy and high-tech, as well as shortening the gap with the international leading level, the variety, quantity, quality and Production technology has put forward higher requirements, and its overall development trend is as follows.


Sustainable development and environmental friendliness are the core of the green development of surfactants. The greening of the surfactant industry is to select green raw materials, adopt green preparation technology, produce high-performance green products, and then carry out green applications. Only in this way can we realize the sustainable development of the surfactant industry and make greater contributions to the development of the national economy.

Anionic Surfactants

Anionic Surfactants


In the past, the production of surfactants was mainly dependent on detergent factories, many of which were mainly for self-use, with small scale and scattered distribution. In the process of rising raw material prices, the profit margins of some small-scale enterprises lacking core technology and equipment will be compressed, which will promote the survival of the fittest and mergers and integration of the industry, and make the entire industry develop in the direction of scale, specialization and intensification, thereby increasing Market competitiveness, improve product quality, and build company brand.


Carry out molecular structure design according to special functional requirements and specific uses, continuously develop new varieties, and expand the application fields of surfactants; such as Anionic Surfactants, use its dispersion stability, rheological properties, high temperature resistance and high salt content to be used for three times Oil production; fluorine, silicon, boron and other surfactants are also the focus of research and development, with the characteristics of high surface activity, high heat stability, and high chemical inertness.


In recent years, a new generation of technological revolutions represented by the Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data are gradually changing the production methods of traditional manufacturing. The global manufacturing industry has shown a trend of intelligence and green. Use information technology to promote the integration of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and logistics and warehousing industry chains to achieve the goals of product traceability, intelligent and monitorable manufacturing processes, and real-time calculation of benefits; further highlighting the advantages of scale and industrial chain.


China's surfactant industry has approached the world's leading level in terms of products and production technology. In the future, the development of surfactants will be more internationalized, such as brand internationalization, equipment internationalization, and product internationalization. By improving the production process and the precision of the production equipment, the equipment and technology are up to or close to the international level, ensuring stable and reliable product quality, broadening the global sales scope of domestic products, and creating an internationally renowned brand.

Nowadays, China is already a big country in the production of surfactants. The next phase of the goal is to develop into a strong country in the production of surfactants. It is necessary to further adhere to independent innovation, promote breakthroughs in key technologies, and promote industrial upgrading; and promote large-scale, continuous, automated, and high-quality equipment. Technicalization, fully realize the upgrading of equipment structure; change the small and scattered pattern of production, carry out large-scale, intensive, and intelligent production; form a four-in-one system of basic general standards, management standards, experimental method standards, and product standards Industry standardization system; promote the construction of enterprise quality management system, improve product quality, enhance brand influence, expand the international market, and realize the international development of the market; implement the three-product strategy of increasing variety, improving quality, and creating brand, optimize product structure, and promote transformation and upgrading , To build an internationally renowned brand.

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