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What Are The Common Anionic Surfactants?

Feb. 04, 2021

Surfactants are used in the treatment of industrial wastewater or sludge dewatering, precipitation and clarification, etc. The addition of this substance to wastewater will cause its state to change, thereby playing a role in wastewater treatment. 

Anionic surfactant is a kind of surfactant. The difference is that anionic surfactant dissociates in water to form hydrophilic anions. It is mostly used in foaming agents, detergents and dispersants. Many people don’t know what anionic surfactants are. Today Anionic Surfactant Supplier will introduce you to what are the anionic surfactants, I hope to help you.

Anionic Surfactant

Anionic Surfactant

APAM: The full name is anionic polyacrylamide. This is a water-soluble polymer. It is mainly used in the settlement of flocculants in industrial wastewater, precipitation and clarification, metallurgical wastewater, sewage treatment, etc. For drinking water clarification and purification treatment. The main advantage of this anionic surfactant is that it is very soluble in water, it can be dissolved even in cold water, and it can have a great effect by using a small amount. It can also use other inorganic flocculants. Greater effect.

Fatty acid salt: This is the earliest developed Anionic Surfactant, and it is also a relatively important detergent. Now it is also a very important skin cleanser. This anionic active agent generally has the ability of foaming and detergency, so it is widely used in washing. In addition, some protein-based fiber products are washed with this substance. After washing, they are more lustrous, elastic, and softer.

Sulfonate: This type of anionic surfactant mainly produces anionic sulfonate after ionization in water, mainly Dodecylbenzene Sulfonates, α-olefin sulfonate, alkyl sulfonate and so on. The alkylbenzene sulfonate is a yellow oily liquid, which is an important anionic surfactant in the table and an important component of synthetic detergents in China. The main advantage of this anionic surfactant is its detergency. Very good, and has good foaming, foam stability, chemical properties are relatively stable, and the important thing is that the cost is relatively low, the source is wide and sufficient, so it is widely used in civilian and industrial cleaning machines.

The above are some of the Anionic Surfactants introduced to you, I hope to help you.

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