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Advantage of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Jun. 16, 2022

Polycarboxylate is a high performance water reducing agent, a cement dispersant for cement concrete. It is widely used in roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, high-rise buildings and other projects. It is a green product, non-flammable and non-explosive, and can be safely transported by train and car. It can be widely used as premix for ordinary concrete, gushing high strength durable concrete.



Elimination of air bubbles

Essentially all polycarboxylate based blends are formulated with antifoaming agents to control unwanted air entrapment inherent in PCE polymers. For aerated and non-aerated concrete applications, air content can often be effectively managed by selecting a PCE-based high-efficiency water reducing agent product that is most compatible with the engineered material.

Effect of clay

Unlike PNS superplasticizers, PCE polymers are readily and irreversibly adsorbed by certain clay fines that may be present in various aggregate sources. When clay is present in certain sands, PCE is expected to be used at 50% higher rates than PNS. Therefore, if the amount of PCE water reducing agent is unexpectedly increased, priority should be given to checking for clay fines in the total supply.

Flexible addition rates

Again, unlike PNS-based high efficiency water reducing agents which should always be added in a delayed addition mode (i.e. after the cement and water have started to mix), PCE is relatively insensitive to addition time and therefore offers greater flexibility in the concrete batching process.


Hypochlorite can cause degradation of some polycarboxylates, depending on the method of their preparation. This degradation appears to be significant only under extreme conditions not found in typical applications and follows a chain-breaking mechanism that only partially breaks down the polymer. Therefore, the environmental impact of the degradation products should be very similar to that of the starting polymers.


Advantage of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer


Precautions for use

1. The dosage of polycarboxylate is recommended as follows (% by weight of cement). 0.25% - 0.8%...
2、It can be mixed in metric water or added into concrete mixer. The recommended mixing time is not less than 150s. concrete test should be conducted before use to ensure the quality of concrete.
3、It can be compounded with retarder, defoamer, breathable agent, sodium lignosulfonate, etc.
4、Polycarboxylic acid products are sold as concentrated products, it is not recommended to use polycarboxylic acid products directly in concrete or other materials without formula blending. The compatibility of polycarboxylic acid products with specific cement, aggregate and other raw materials cannot be guaranteed in the application. It should be obtained by the user through trial blending and formulation techniques.


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